The Fat Radish

The Fat Radish

The word “fat” is not necessarily a word people really want to hear. Whether you work in fashion or not, it’s not a very positive word to most ears. Though, what could be wrong with a fat radish? The fatter the better?!

The Fat Radish, located in the lower east side of Manhattan, New York, is far from fattening. Admittedly the deviled Brussels sprouts aren’t the healthiest on the menu, but jeez, are they delicious! A perfectly cooked Brussels sprout wrapped in crispy bacon with a sweet chutney on top, lipsmackingly good.

Fat Radish - Humus Plate

But the menu is bigger than just Brussels sprouts. Their plate of humus for example, looks pretty and tastes damn delicious! Homemade sweet chips, crispy pita and toast, and perfectly made humus, can it get any better?

Fat Radish - FR bowl and sauceFat Radish - FR bowl

Oh yes, it can. The Fat Radish bowl; a tasty combination of perfectly cooked vegetables, different sauces and some rice to combine all the flavors with. Healthy, simple and absolutely yummy.

Less healthy, but evenly yummy; The BLT sandwich. A classic, but done this well, it’s a whole new BLT-experience!

Fat Radish - BLT

Over all, the entire restaurant is a great fit into anyone’s diet. If you’re ever in lower Manhattan and decide to go wander in LES, I hope you end up here!

Pictures: Svea Berlie

Restaurant: The Fat Radish

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