Otark’s Breakfastclub

Otark’s Breakfastclub

In Antwerp on a Sunday, there isn’t a lot to do, much unlike NYC, where everything is always open, in Antwerp, sunday is a “rest” day. But not at Otark’s design and furniture store. Alas, you can’t buy the furniture or dishes on sunday, but the store is open.

They turn into the  cutest little breakfast club with the tastiest home made food and drinks. And that in between all their unique sales items.

Every week they have different specials and every week the store looks different, because they sell the chairs and tables during the week. The food is always delicious and as healthy as it gets. A great way to spend your lazy sunday morning.

I wish they had something like this in every city I go to, definitely coming back to Antwerp for this one!

eitjesEggs sunny side up with some tarragon and fresh spring onion. On the bottom some thinly sliced, slightly cooked, yellow zuchini and perfectly seasoned..

granola en koffieThe perfect Granola with some grapefruit, pear, apple and orange. And of course a good cup of coffee.

Bacon en eggsEggs sunny side up, served with some spring onion, Bacon and fresh parsley.

granola en croissantBecause it’s sunday, a crunchy but buttery croissant and some homemade rhubard-rose lemonade.

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