Joseph Leonard

Joseph Leonard

Wandering around in West Village, NYC, you come across unique little restaurants and bars, and Joseph Leonard is definitely one of those. Starting with the concept of always being available to customers, they were actually open almost 24/7. But then finding out it is pretty quiet between 2am and 9am, they decided to make the hours a little easier on the employees. And the hours that they are open, oh my, they’re good! They’re really good! Perfect cocktails, virgin or with a little something in there, lovely fried chicken, tasty oysters and one of the best kale salads I’ve had in the city so far!

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Fried Chicken



Whether you want Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner or a late night snack, Joseph Leonard will help you out. I love it during the day, when the windows are open and the light summer breeze cools you off a little, and I love it at night, when it’s a cozy bar with the friendliest staff! Definitely pass by if you’re around, I know I always do..



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