There has always been a lot of tension between the bloggers and the editors of magazines. Working at a magazine is, of course, really hard work and you put your entire being into creating a new issue, that will get people talking about fashion. – hm, that doesn’t sound to different of what most bloggers try to do, does it?- The offices of magazines are always a very hectic place, there is so much information and such little time and space to put it all together. For example, editorials are shot months before they get published and you still have to be ahead of everyone else, so those editorials better be up to date with what people want to see. The internet has made the pressure of time even more intense. New trends pop up before you even realise and often it is the bloggers who wear these trends first. Some of those trends that we’ve seen so far in 2016: Bell bottom jeans, crop tops, ripped vintage t-shirts and chokers.


There is a lot to say for both sides. The bloggers discover these trends and act really quickly to get it out on their Instagram and website. But initially these trends are started by the fashion editors at the big magazines and created by the big fashion houses. It takes time to figure out what people want and to shape these trends correctly. Fashion week is where the cycle starts. The runway shows us the new collections and trends will already become visible there. But, ever since Social Media became bigger, it’s not just the runway itself that shows us the important new fashion items.


Outside the shows are hundreds of people photographing and posing. Bloggers, models, celebrities, editors, all kinds of important fashion people. It’s a show on its own. However, there have always been some unwritten and unspoken rules. The people that are posing for their cameras are promoting certain trends and showing us their personal style. It goes as follows. Designers design, editors view the clothes and decide where the trends lie, the bloggers comment with their own opinions on these collections and will wear what fits their personal style. The recent talk about the designers paying these bloggers to wear their clothes has somehow created a gap. Now instead of showing their personal style and promoting certain trends, they are promoting what the designers want us to see. They, the designers, now decide what we see when we scroll through our Instagram feed.


Then again, think about it for a second, that’s right, this has always been happening. It has just never been as visible. Celebrities get dressed by the designers for the show, so why not the celebrity bloggers? The problem lies with the visibility. Social media is everywhere and the designers are thus everywhere. Less people go to websites, and read about style, or why these women wear these clothes. Just a simple Instagram post is what most people see. They do decide what they want to wear, and these women built their businesses from scratch, only with the help of social media. That of course is extremely admirable and will create such a fanbase, it’s unstoppable. Them being paid by certain designers to wear some items of their collection, is maybe not even where the problem lies.


Nobody here is wrong or right. Editors have put bloggers on their covers to promote their magazines, doesn’t that work in the same way? They have also put celebrities on the covers for years, before that, it was models that reflected the trends of the moment. Now it is all about Yeezy and the Kardashians, what do they have to do with fashion again? -That’s right, not really anything- Trends are so universal and they’re seen all over the world, them being promoted by the right people is not a wrong thing. We just have to be careful that the gaps are not going to become too big, because that doesn’t seem to be so far away.


It seems like everyone wants a piece of the fashion-cake, and we don’t need to worry just yet, there is more than enough cake for everyone. -The editors and the bloggers – That is, until the bubble bursts, of course. We can all feel it come closer, we are all longing for the 90’s feel of fashion. The supermodels that worked so hard to get there from scratch, the fashion that worked wonders for the world, that changed people’s opinions. There is a change coming, we just don’t know when and how. Like in every other industry, the future is never sure. The only thing we know for sure is, you can always count on trends being around, whether bloggers wear them or editors.